Fulci – Gore Life: A Video Breakdown



Lucio Fulci was the Italian director/writer behind such horror films as Zombi 2 and The Beyond. It only makes sense that there’s a slamtastic, goreriffic band would name themselves after a man who put this bit of gruesomeness in a movie. The band Fulci, also from Italy, takes their name from “The Godfather Of Gore” and focuses their lyrical content on zombies and violence. Not exactly breaking new ground, to be sure, but as the old saying goes, “If you’re going to be dumb, be dumb to the best of your ability.” At least, that should be an old saying. Regardless, Fulci have bestowed upon us their new music for the song “Gore Life” via the Slamwise Gamgees from Slam Worldwide. Be sure to have some Wet-Naps ready.

0:01: Squiggly Worldwide
0:07: If this turns out to be a homemade porn, I’m going to be very upset.
0:09: “Ignorant Productions”. Whelp, at least they’re self-aware.
0:16: When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will chuggity-chug the Earth.
0:25: He wore best dork hat for the video.
0:31: And his best short-shorts.
0:38: “I looooooooove cherry cheesecake!”
0:43: I’m sure all the families of the deceased are thrilled to have their loved ones in this video.
0:47: That’s the “I shouldn’t have eaten so many enchiladas” face.
0:54: When you’re hard as fuck, but everyone around you is a skeleton.
0:59: The Undertaker’s European counterpart, The Fulcitaker.
1:06: So is “Gore Life” like “Thug Life” for weird, white guys?
1:11: So this band is just the guitarist and the vocalist?
1:17: Rolling down the cemetery, sippin’ on gin and juice…
1:22: If he was a real Obituary fan, his flannel would have a camo design.
1:26: Everything’s so green!
1:38: Only the dead know slamming death metal.
1:49: Someone clearly spent all day practicing his silly faces in the mirror.
1:57: Fulci specialize in a new sub-genre: Italian Squatcore.
2:06: I love that they didn’t even bother to find a drummer to at least pretend to be in the band.
2:14: Obligatory “gabagool” reference.
2:22: If you light a red candle and stare into a mirror while listening to this song, a pair of mosh shirts appears around your waist.
2:28: You know what this video needs? A low-rider bouncing through the aisles of the cemetary.
2:36: Maybe Fulci can team up with Kattah to do a cave-exclusive world tour.
2:45: All about the URRRGURRRRUUUGGHHH life, fam.
2:57: Can someone please fix the tracking on this digital video? Thanks.

Fulci’s album Opening The Hell Gates is available now (because it was released back in 2015. I guess they needed over a year to make this complex video a reality) via Despise The Sun Records.

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