Premiere: This New Demiurgon Destroys


Fans of Cattle Decap, Immolation, or even Origin – don’t miss this!

Old dunny heads will remember Spear giving modern death metal maniacs Demiurgon some solid dap back in 2015 for their debut album Above The Unworthy. Even older heads, like me, can’t remember last weekend. The good news for both parties, and the newflushers among you, is that today we’ve got a reminder by way of an exclusive premiere for the band’s first material in four years. Fuck yes.

‘Kapalikas’ comes to us courtesy of the legends at Everlasting Spew Records and I’m pleased to say, it’s an absolute monster. From the moment you hit play there’s an undeniable sense of immediacy, the technical death riffuckery explodes with almost grind-level of intensity. Similar to the way labelmates Engulf and Hideous Divinity manage to cram all manner of artificial harmonics, scrapes, slides, and dives into each minute without it ever coming close to feeling like garish Necrophagist tech-dreck, Demiurgon’s sound brings both brains and beef. Make sure you stick around for the whammy-warped outro lead.

Pre-order The Oblivious Lure from Everlasting Spew Records ready for its July 12th release
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