Reflect on the Past Year with Boiling Piss


It is 2018. You’re likely reading this through bloodshot eyes and a splitting headache, your slept-in jeans and tuxedo tee clinging to your sweaty body with the kind of soil that accumulates after a night of shame and debauchery. Awaken, you slugabeds, for the new year is upon us. And what better way to welcome it than with a boiling pot of piss and some mild reflection, courtesy of the transcendent funeral doom of Pissboiler?

At first blush, the name Pissboiler likely evokes the same twinge of revulsion or trepidation that the similarly monikered Piss Vortex and Pissgrave conjure. I’m happy to shatter the illusion, however; Pissboiler is more genteel contemplation, an effort in dark and esoteric doom with mounrnful melodies and vast open spaces within which a listener may lose himself. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares, for all its horrific trappings, is more cold winter dawn after a night of darkness than swirling maelstrom of fear and loathing.

And, after a year like 2017, that certainly seems appropriate.


Even to the most apolitical, it seems fair to admit that 2017 was in many ways a hard year. Beloved celebrities passed. Economic uncertainty reared its ugly head above an otherwise rebounding market. Controversy reigned in the press. From hearing many of your personal stories, it seems these fraught circumstances were not merely relegated to the headlines; many of us lost dear friends and loved ones and saw relationships deteriorate.

It was the kind of year you’d like to wash away in a night of boiling piss.

And yet, here we are, in the new year, on a new day. So what now? As I’ve encouraged in the past, I believe the new year is a good chance to spend some much-needed time in reflection, to let go of failures and to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. 2017 may have sucked, and there may be little we can do against the principalities and powers that be (aside from organizing and voting), but most of us have at least some power to strive for some small measure of growth in our own lives. Don’t kick that habit because it’s a resolution; do so because you want to grow as a person. Volunteer somewhere. Push yourself to develop a new skill. Spend some time journaling.

And let Pissboiler’s In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares be the soundtrack for your new dawn of reflection. Let those big open chords in “Ruins of the Past” wash over you like so much boiling piss and drown the terrors of 2017 like the lost city of Atlantis. Let the chiming bell and gastric snarls of “Pretend It Will End” toll the final hour of that bad habit you’ve been wanting to kick. Let the squall of noise and feedback that terminates “Cutters” be the black chasm into which you kick your own fears from the past year. Bury them in smoke and ash and cinder as the riffs and drums and squelching vocals implode into a heap of detritus.

Put on a In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares and lose yourself in thought for an hour of deeply contemplative and reflective funeral doom.

As always, we’ll be here when the dust settles.

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