Ephel Duath Is No More


Frontman Davide Tiso has opted to put an end to the band.

Scrolling through my news feed on Friday morning I found this unexpected announcement on Ephel Duath’s Facebook page:

Today I decided that it’s time to put Ephel Duath to rest.

This beautiful beast has been my life companion for a very long time, I cannot see it struggling any longer and I decided to kill it myself. This post is a way to make peace with the idea itself and, I guess, a way to keep you part of this.

For many years I felt conflicted with the idea of sharing Ephel Duath’s music with its small public, now it’s time to let go.
Ephel Duath changed shape and color many times, crossing different genres and musical styles, toward the end though, it started looking too much like me and I didn’t feel like giving it to you any longer. This is the reason why this has to end, because this band mattered so much to me that I didn’t get any joy in letting it be heard and dissected by you any longer.

As I’ve never really found a comfortable place for myself in this society, my music has always experienced the same problem. Ephel Duath never quite reached a large public and it never really exploited its potential. I suffered for that but what I know is that I’ve tried my very best to make this band work and I stand behind every record we released.

When I started Ephel Duath I was young, naive and tremendously ambitious. Now I’m 16 years older, and still naive enough to think that songs have their own souls, I just poured too much of my own in them, and it has been brutal to let them go. A part of me was let go. A big chunk. In the end, I’m not sure it was worth it.

I’ve a gift that I cherish deeply, I can talk through my guitar. It’s easy for me to distill my feelings through riffs and everything I say that way has more weight and impact than my own words. In order to keep honoring that in the future, Ephel Duath needs to die today and so it will be.

Thanks for reading,

I could do a long list of thanks but I choose not, now it’s my time to be ungrateful.

Davide Tiso

This is a bummer considering I just recently got to listen to last year’s Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness and was really digging it. Tiso seems like an intense dude, and his reasons are understandable despite coming off as a tad eccentric. Even if he never records anything again, the five albums released under the Ephel Duath moniker are a testament to his ambitious vision and more than enough to try and wrap one’s head around in a lifetime.

Thanks for the music, Davide.

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