Demon Boy – My Coffin: A Video Breakdown


On your 13th birthday, you will become a Demon Man.

Have you ever looked at a sort-of horror punk/cock rock band like, say, Wednesday 13, and said “This, but with no budget or connections”? Congratulations. You must be in the band Demon Boy. Or possibly Superhorrorfuck, but probably Demon Boy. Are you bassist Mikky Nitrol? Maybe you’re Lightning Lou on the drums. Perhaps you are Shreddy Krueger busting out those tasty lick. Gasp! Are you the band’s namesake Demon Boy himself on ‘VoKills’? You are?! Well kick up your cloven hooves because we’re ready to break down your video!


Now we know what they do we haunted houses the other 11 months of the year. Seriously, this was filmed at a haunted house.

Trumpcare: Day 1

They really have everyone in Infinity War.

Nothing gets the ladies hotter than a wig from Party City and leftover Halloween decorations.

Bobbleheads wiggle around less than he does.

Night Of The Demons 4 just doesn’t stack up to the original.

So this is why Chick-Fil-A’s are closed on Sundays.

When you’re trying to look sexy, but don’t want to lose your office job.

The arms and legs are just a distraction from his GIANT DEMON WINGS HOLY SHIT. Mortiis is jealous as fuck.


I don’t think the band has an album, but you can purchase Demon Boy’s songs here.

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