Exclusive Stream: Oraculum’s Always Higher


Chile just continues to assembly line fantastic bands of the extreme variety, don’t they?

Oraculum may be the latest underground darling out of many to emerge from the region, in this case from the city of Rancagua, as they are set to release their new EP Always Higher via Invictus Productions. And because I’m such a benevolent maniac, you citizens get to listen to an exclusive stream of this thing in its entirety.

The quartet have been laying aside for three years since their last release Sorcery of the Damned, but the hiatus has only worked to strengthen their hazy but still vicious as all fuck statement in the realm of blackened death. Their bio makes comparisons to Sadistik Exekution and Bolt Thrower; a strange juxtaposition of styles but once you listen to the album it makes sense. The two original songs on display here show off guitarists Scourge of God and V. Imprecator’s knack for weaving “wrap barbed wire around face and pull” style riffs that only Ross Bay worshippers do so well into the fabric of mid tempo death metal before the song collapses upon itself for a minute or so of filthy grooves, right before returning to the barrage. I would also make a comparison to Sadistic Intent and their tendency to just shove brief thrash parts complete with double time drum patterns into the chaos. Scourge’s sandpaper vocals barking about the futility of mankind are a perfect anchor for all of this too.

Oraculum live at Arena recoleta (Photo VIA)

It’s all wrapped in a much warmer production than their previous work, and it does a damn good job of making you feel like you’re careening through a Hellgate at ridiculous speeds while unspeakable things slowly gnaw at your ears. And the cover of “Sphynx” by cult extreme band Poison (Germany) that closes this offering is righteous as fuck.

Simon says you Toileteers should give this one a listen if you like your OSDM peppered with a bit of South American madness; you won’t regret it. Always Higher releases September 22nd via Invictus Productions. Pre-order it here. Like the band on Facebook here.

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