Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.60] The (Best?) One with Spear in It


Heyo – we’re back again, with all the consistency you’d expect from some riff-raff babbling on your third favorite toilet-themed podcast.

And we’ve got Spear with us! It’s been a while so I’ll keep it brief.  We’ve got some rip-roarin’ North American folk metal that shreds banjo instead of weird Finnish lutes, some American black metal tryhards killin’ it oxymoronically, and more French(-Canadian) song titles we half-heartedly struggle to pronounce, per ushe. What more could you want?

New Music Features This Week

Hans’s Picks
Vermörd – The Nine Circles
Survival Instinct – Fatal Venin

Eenzy’s Picks
Beyond the grasp of light – the blackened shapes
Ceremoniële walging – brand de steden plat

Spear’s Picks
Iomair – Gallows
Humanotone – Light Antilogies

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