Flush it Friday: Unearthing a Lost Hungarian Classic


Why haven’t you heard Leander‘s Szívidomár? I blame the Luddites at “Sony Music” (whatever that is) for refusing to upload their artists’ records to Bandcamp. A pipe dream, I know, but an owl can still rage against the unbelievably wealthy powers that be, right? Szívidomár was released in 2012 BC (Before COVID) to little fanfare, but upon excavation, it reveals a trove of tracks studded with gems: from the luscious pianos of “Szomorú Vasárnap” (a cover of a song written in 1933 by Hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress) to the drop-Z bounce riffs in “Diamond and Coal” and the Meshuggish “Bennem”, the album is in no way bashful with genre experimentation. Vocalist Leander Köteles adds folk flair (and some meaty as AF growls) throughout with his phenomenal voice, escalating the record to its unique status. Did I mention it ends with an absolute banger cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance,” even throwing in a ripper rendition of a Hungarian waltz that mysteriously, against all common sense, totally works?

365 put on his tinfoil hat to avoid cancelation by the SJW cucks in this edition of Shirt Stains, featuring absolute dingbat, Tommy Vext:

Shirt Stains: Tommy Vext’s “I Am Being Silenced” Uniform

IGoM reviewed the new S P L I T between our boy BSG‘s Mother Anxiety project and S H R I E K I N G:

The Storyteller Borrows His Authority from Death: Premiering Isolation Diary from Mother Anxiety and S H R I E K I N G

Spear brought the bops with this Betrayal bremiere:

Album Premiere: Betrayal – Disorder Remains

Lord of Bork [eviscerated but in a good way/eviscerated] the latest from Cannibal Corpse:

Choose Your Own Review: Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined

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