Killer Stream: Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP


Stream Intermundia, the collaboration between Nepalese chaotic hardcore unit Sangharsha and German negative hardcore band Blank.

Through an unlikely set of circumstances, four men from Nepal relocated to New York City and started a rad hardcore band called Sangharsha (whose debut LP Bayou was recorded with Kurt Ballou at at Toilet-renowned God City Studio). Across the ocean, a group of German men with a penchant for creating blistering hardcore took notice of Bayou, and a friendship was born. The result? Intermundia, six tracks of modern hardcore that is alternately savage and awe-inspiring.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The future is fucking awesome. Through the magic of a modem, a dial tone, and some tubes(?)[W: filled with cats], ideas and jams are instantly transported across the world and into your ear bones.

Sangharsha opens Intermundia with the brilliant “Ghrina”. It begins with a massive blackgaze caterwaul before limping to a wounded crawl; vocals emerge from the stillness, and soon the band launches into a chaotic hardcore trek. “Kira” meshes a shifting groove with furious blastbeats and a spazzy breakdown that should be a pleasure for Botch fans. “Saran” finds Sangharsha working with atmosphere and surprisingly brutal death vox before closing out their half in a triumphant stomp.

Blank brings to mind demonic hardcore in the vein of Integrity and powerful crust similar to His Hero is Gone – just with far clearer production and surprisingly tasteful guitar tone. “Solaris” is a powerful mid-paced journey with roiling aggression. “Old Oaths” touches on familiar Kurt Ballou territory but reaches a moment of levity with some old-fashioned gang vocals. “The Maw” opens with some words of wisdom from everyone’s favorite misanthropic nihilist Ruston Cohle before launching into a hopeless yet cathartic sludgy burner of a track.

Intermundia will be out May 27th via Holy Goat and Alerta Antifacista (purveyor of such dope-ass bands as Fall of Efrafa and Holy Mountain). Pre-order the physical release here. Like Sangharsha on Facebook and then go like Blank on Facebook.



Can’t get enough? You can catch both bands on a short East Coast tour this Summer. Dates include:

July 24th 2015/Portland, ME/Geno’s Rock Club

July 25th 2015/Peterborough, NH/The Wreck Room

July 26th 2015/Providence, RI/Aurora Providence

July 28th 2015/Montclair, NJ/The Meatlocker

July 29th 2015/Brooklyn, NY/St. Vitus

July 30th 2015/Harrisonburg, VA/The Golden Pony

July 31st 2015/Annandale, VA/Cellar Door

August 1st 2015/Baltimore, MD/Sidebar

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