Flush it Friday: True Power Metal Warrior Edition



Some weeks rule, some are the worst. For some reason, this week I have been angry, yet simultaneously very happy with everything around me. I’ve started a new job that I am less than satisfied with, my choir is full of lazy losers, and various other things in my life have failed around me. For some reason, these negative events aren’t even making a dent on my stress levels, and I am currently the happiest I’ve been in months, maybe years. Maybe the warmer weather has something to do with it?

Anyways, I’m not passing up my chance to throw power metal at you, so before we get started, here’s the American heavy/power/prog compilation album I put together with a good friend last year called A Flame in the Dark. It’s free. Part 2 will be released just in time for ProgPower this fall, and we’ve already got some killer bands confirmed!

Got that thing playing? Good, I genuinely hope you enjoy it. Let’s get into our weeks, shall we?

The Ugly: The choir I’m a member of is full of lazy sacks of shit who just want to whine about how hard pieces are and not actually practice anything. Okay, I take that back, it’s 70% of the choir, not everyone. Since I joined, we have added new people who can clearly not meet the demands of a high level semi-professional choir, and it is incredibly frustrating and discouraging. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that a 10 minute long atonal piece by Schoenberg isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but we’ve known about these pieces since December. We just cut the Schoenberg, and are at risk of cutting a wonderful Brahms piece as well if these subhuman cretins don’t pull their shit together before tomorrow morning. Fortunately, I am not the only one who is livid, and I believe strings are being pulled in the right direction for the long term as you read this.

The Bad: My new job is great! Mostly great people, friendly environment, good location, good pay, everything I could want, right? Then I opened the codebase.


If this picture doesn’t give you nightmares, then you may want to skip to the Good section. This is easily the worst code base I have ever worked with. Much of it was developed by someone who was not a developer, so I understand the errors and bad coding practices, but I still have to dig through it. Tasks that should be easily completed in an hour or two grow to a day or two as I try to navigate the maze of spaghetti code and repeated functions on every file. The worst sin of all: hundreds of lines of JavaScript inside (cs)html files.

Albus - Best Cat Ever

Albus – Best Cat Ever

The Good: Life is amazing right now musically. I’m currently in multiple active bands (Vocals: Avalon Steel, Year of the Oxbass: Turd\Cutter), as well as forming a speed metal band. I’m booking a few power metal shows in Charlotte for this fall, as well as organizing our beloved Dischordia‘s stop here at the Milestone. I’ve been hanging out with two of my best friends near constantly and talking about why boys are stupid and watching horror movies with them whenever I have a free moment to breathe between work and music. I have the best cat in the world, and you should add him on Facebook. He loves cups and has more friends than you do.

Even with less than 30 minutes of free time on some days, I’m almost always just totally at peace and happy. Life is great for me right now.

I feel like I’m forgetting something else that is making all the above hardships totally worth every second, but I honestly cannot remember what it is.

It’s something next week I’m doing.

I really have no clue.

Just kidding. See you posers in the pit.


I hope your lives have treated you well this week! Let me know your good, your bad, and your ugly in the comments below, or just talk about whatever you feel like I guess?

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