Best New Band Of The Month: Okazaki Fragments


It is I, Jack Bauer. I bring tidings of great skronk.

Story time. I was looking through an email sent to me by someone with various recommendations when I stumbled across a band I liked. I checked their Facebook page and almost immediately forgot about them because they had recommended a different band on their wall. After having my mind blown and my neural impulses short circuited, I sent it to the editors and most of us agreed that this shit is the good shit.

A quick google search of the band name and a trip to Wikipedia yields this definition: “Okazaki Fragments (wow I really hate typing that word) are short, newly synthesized DNA fragments that are formed on the lagging template strand during DNA replication. They are complimentary to the lagging template strand, together forming short double stranded sections”. I have no fucking clue what that means but it sounds crazy enough to justify using that name for the type of batshit insane tunes these guys write.

Okazaki Fragments (what a mouthful) are like um.. technical brutal progressive skronk grind or something. I don’t really know what category to put them in honestly. They throw so many different influences into their music to produce an extreme metal album that  is absolutely fucking spectacular for a debut. Oh you want me to stop blabbering and post a song? Fine, you spoiled little shits (just kidding you know i love you guys).


Note how the band mixes grindcore-style vocals with Artificial Brain-like gurgles. It’s fucking awesome. Like I said, I don’t really know what exactly to describe this band as. At the time of this writing I’m still trying to wrap my head around the absolute insanity that is contained within this album. It actually reminds me a lot of Pyrrhon, just because of how much there is to digest. There are riffs everywhere and insane time signature changes every other second. As I sit here, I’m having trouble writing this because I haven’t been able to digest everything quite yet. At the same time, this is the Toilet, and in the Toilet, good music must be shared. Abandoned is free on Bandcamp, but you should at least give these dudes a dollar or two because holy shit is this insane! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

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