Exclusive Track Premiere: Setentia’s “The Enemy Within”


Setentia are the new champions of New Zealand dissonant death, and today they’re bringing the fight to you. I have the distinct privilege of premiering a new track off of their upcoming king-slayer Darkness Transcend. “The Enemy Within” rules all the butts. Prepare to be doomed.

One of the things I praised most about Setentia in their showdown against the reigning champs Ulcerate is their ability to make a style that lends itself too often to monotony both captivating and surprising. Their uncanny knack for variation and synthesis is on full display on “The Enemy Within.” Although the track opens with an unassailable cascade of percussion and dissonant interval loops, the track soon gives way to surprisingly melodic guitar licks and punishing death metal riffs that slither and coil back upon each other in recursive fashion until the band blows out the entire bottom about halfway through the track. From about 4:30 on, the band drops the blasts and instead juxtaposes a pummeling neanderthal drumbeat against an arpeggiated lead line that wouldn’t be out of place in a Krallice song.

It’s this delicate balance of styles and penchant for weaving seemingly disconnected parts into a cohesive whole that makes this young band so exciting. Atmosphere, passion, riffs, and blasts: “The Enemy Within” has it all. Check it out below.

Be sure to peep the two previously released tracks below as well.

You can pre-order Setentia’s Darkness Transcend now via Blood Music. That album will be out November 11th. Be sure to go tell the boys how stoked you are on Facebook.

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