David Vincent Continues His S T Y L E Evolution


I warned you. I FUCKING warned you. But you didn’t listen. You never do.

Earlier this year I stitched together a visual timeline of ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Genitorturers, currently I Am Morbid death metal icon David Vincent’s stylistic evolution. Readers marveled at his sudden shift from wearing a plastic t-shirt to a full-on Boot Barn cowboy clearance rack. My piece concluded with this line, “To an untrained observer, it would appear that Evil D has embraced the aesthetic choices of a middle-aged country & western artist. Do not be fooled. David Vincent’s bleached goatee is a clear indicator that another radical shift is coming.”

I warned you all. Quite frankly, you are a fool if you believed that Vincent had reached his final form with his outlaw cowboy persona. Yesterday afternoon, renowned edgelord label Season of Mist announced the signing of a project called VLTIMAS, a supergroup of sorts featuring Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier, Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (guitarist on the Mayhem records no one cares about), and perpetual stylistic shapeshifter David Vincent. The band released a teaser video to coincide with the signing announcement. It contains a snippet of music from, presumably, an upcoming record.

I’m far less excited about the music than I am seeing that my man David has once again reinvented himself. The bearded, rugged outlaw country star? GONE. The soul patch has triumphantly returned and with it a baffling new wardrobe selection. It appears that DV dove into his walk-in closet, rummaged through piles of latex and leather and copies of Siege and emerged with a bold new vision of steampunkery. Or perhaps goth mad hattery. One thing is certain: If you approach him on the street he will surely send you on a convoluted side quest that results in a rare item and a generous amount of XP.

We’ll know more about VLTIMAS and, more importantly, David’s brand new look in the coming months. For now, let’s speculate on his next aesthetic evolution. I’m predicting something with studded wizard robes.

From Gothboy to Cowboy: A Timeline of David Vincent’s Visual Evolution

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