Facewreck – Gorilla Warfare: A Video Breakdown


Have you guys ever heard of the band “Cunthunt 777”? Just asking.

The growing popularity of bands like Jesus Piece, Vein, Incendiary, and Knocked Loose prove that hardcore is back in a big way. It feels like it’s been about ten years since people have been hyped about this style of music and it’s kind of nice. Music styles and revivals come in waves and we were due for some straight-forward, no-frills, in-your-face hardcore.

Of course, with every band playing massive shows like This Is Hardcore and Black N Blue Bowl there are bands just scraping by in the basements and VFWs. The lesser-known hardcore bands. Bands that get together, throw down in an industrial park, and make a music video. Pittsburgh’s Facewreck is one of those bands.


Is it really a montage of Pittsburgh without shots of Franco Harris or a sandwich with fries and coleslaw jammed into it?


More good doggos in hardcore and metal, please.


This one goes out to those of you that have been vulcanizing your tires since Day 1!


I…I just asked if you wanted fries or chips with your burger.


That crew has at least 2 Chuck Knuckles, 3 Frank the Tanks, and 1 Gennacide.


Gunna get some stuff while I’m at the store!

Chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers for some tasty s’mores!


But seriously, wipe your feet before you come inside. I just vacuumed.


I react the same way when Christmas stuff starts replacing Halloween stuff in stores.


Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!


Well it’s either that way or choking to death on a cheesesteak while sitting on the toilet.


We hope you enjoy your stay, mother fucker.


*Benny Hill theme*




Thank god metalheads wearing spiked gauntlets haven’t started doing this at shows.

Facewreck’s demo Pennsylvania Hardcore is out now via Bandcamp.

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