List: Your Top Albums ov 2009 Revealed


The results are in for your fave albums from 2009. Get in and get mad about it here.

A few weeks ago we decided to take a look back at the years before the site existed to see what you flushers deemed to be the top metal albums from that accursed time. Starting with 2013, we polled across both the Toilet ov Hell Social Club and through Disqus, which led to some fairly similar results overall with a few albums only making an appearance on one of the forums. However, using an advanced technique I’ve dubbed Social Media Ranking Tyranny (SMRT), the discrepancies between the two have been ironed-out and a definitive Top 15 has been extrapolated.

So over the past few polls there was some outrage here following the omission of high-ranking albums by Enslaved, Ghost, Wolves In The Throne Room, Deftones, Ihsahn, Misery Index, Vader, Krallice, Converge, Absu, Blut Aus Nord, and a bunch of other artists from the final lists. As we’re conducting polls across both social media and Disqus the results are a combination of those platforms.

Why didn’t we just use the results from one platform? I started this in our fb group for a bit of fun, not thinking it would evolve into blog content. Mainly though, it’s due to a reasonable proportion of our community using fb but not disqus, while some use disqus but not fb.

Why didn’t we just tally the total number of votes? A fair number of people also use both platforms, so if we used this method the results would skew harder towards their faves as they’d effectively have had double the votes relative to others.

So in the end we had to devise a fairer system which relied predominantly on a ranked average position across both lists. Make sure you shit your pants over it though, it’s very important stuff.

Anyway, here are your top records across platform for 2009.

15. Funebrarum – The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams

14. Cobalt – Gin

13. The Red Chord – Fed Through The Teeth Machine

12. Dragged Into Sunlight – Hatred For Mankind

11. Skeletonwitch – Breathing The Fire

10. Obscura – Cosmogenesis

9. Vektor – Black Future

8. Between The Buried & Me – The Great Misdirect

7. Revocation – Existence Is Futile

6. Nile – Those Whom The Gods Detest

5. Cattle Decapitation – The Harvest Floor

4. The Chasm – Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm

3. Baroness – Blue Album

2. Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire

1. Mastodon – Crack The Skye

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