Premiere: Kåabalh Drip Death On ‘Acheron’


Dismal death/doom to drown-out your Monday drudgery.

Prior to this week, I’d not heard French death-doom band Kåabalh, and after previewing this killer track we’re premiering for you today, I needed to know how and why something of this quality had slipped beneath the deep-diving TovH doppler. Searched around a bit for some info without much of a result, not even a generic Metal Archives entry with which to get traction. Turns out ‘Acheron’ is the very first taste of the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album. Thank fuck. I’d have been filthy if someone had been holding this out on us. Looks like we’ll all have to dive in head-first and see what we hit.

Kåabalh distill doom-drenched death down to its elemental form, simulatanouesly ridding the impurities and concentrating the core constituents. Imagine Incantation boiled down, and then slowly condensed into a viscous tar-like black ichor, that resultant resin then packed into a irrecoverably filthy apparatus and charred for you to choof; each thick chug riff aided in alveoli adsorption via a sticky pinch harmonic or a catchy vibrato climax. ‘Acheron’ may be seven-odd minutes long, but after you hit the slickest solo you’ll hear atop a song of this nature near the track’s conclusion, you’ll never want it to end.

Tracklist :
1. Cabal (4:15)
2. Acheron (7:14)
3. Dark Wrath of a New God (7:14)
4. The Complete Darkness (4:57)
5. Heavy Boredom Death (6:21)
6. Death’s Ovation (9:31)

Kåabalh’s self-titled debut is due to be released on the 26th of October.
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