Feradur – Deus (Finis Saeculorum): A Video Breakdown


Deus Bigelow, Feradur Gigolo.

What do you get when you mix melodic death metal from Luxembourg with green screens, funny facial expressions, and direction from someone who has never seen a music video before? This week’s video breakdown!



Hoodie Man played by every dog that hears a bag being opened.


*shuts laptop forever*


It’s like they took a panic attack and drowned it a bathtub full of LSD.


David Lynch saw this and said, “Dude, what the hell?”


And that’s how Hoodie Man broke his wrist.


This is what happens when you’re raised on nothing but Tool and Chernobyl-irradiated food.


Same. So. Much. Same.


“Sizzling Fajitas are back at Chili’s!”


When your tweet gets more than 10 likes.


Reading the news circa 2016 – 2020


When you want a Coke and they ask “Is Pepsi okay?”


Feratur’s album Legion is available now.

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