Mind Driller – Ich Bin Anders!: A Video Breakdown


This band has three vocalists. THREE!

No new music videos caught my eye this week, so down the Youtube hole I went. Sometimes you fall down the Youtube hole and find shit, sometimes you fall down the Youtube hole and find gold. Sometimes you find Mind Driller.

Mind Driller are a Spanish industrial metal band. Mind Driller has one guitarist and one bassist. Mind Driller has not one, not two, but three vocalists. One of the vocalists wears face paint that makes him look like a clown. Other members wear masks during performances. This is their album art. You know you want to click this video.

0:06: It would’ve been more realistic if they showed up in a clown car.
0:12: Or a Yugo.
0:17: These boots were made for “RAWR XD-ing” and that’s just what they’ll do.
0:23: ‘Cause one of these days these boots are gunna RAWR XD all over you.
0:35: Porn is getting really deep into the fetish subgenres.
0:40: Spazzy The Clown is here!
0:44: Jesus is taking a mulligan on this one.
0:47: I hope she spells “Poser” wrong.
0:52: I can’t with this guy. I just can’t.
0:57: An authentic Lars Ulrich snare.
1:05: Shame to whichever security guard company gave him that uniform.
1:10: Hand in your plastic badge and whistle, Anders.
1:20: This is sensory overload. Like when you hear those stories of farmers falling into giant piles of manure.
1:25: NO ANIME.
1:37: Three vocalists, everybody. Three.
1:46: Just remember Mind Killer the next time someone jokes about a band having two vocalists.
1:54: Special guest appearance by The Grindmother.
2:06: Welcome to Olive Garden!
2:11: I kind of want to know why he’s wearing rubber clothes, but I also kind of don’t want to know.
2:23: That’s a lovely blob tattoo on your arm, sir.
2:34: I wonder if Spazzy performs live with the band.
2:45: Does he have to show up for practice?
2:50: Does he know the dancing guy from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones?
3:00: You IRL.
3:06: Some people are just really excited for chocolate Frosted Flakes.
3:11: The cupcake craze has finally bottomed out.
3:16: This is a direct feed from Ted Cruz’s brain.
3:22: Would any of our Spanish readers like to explain just what the hell is going on in this video?
3:29: I was kidding about the fetish thing before. I was obviously dead-on.
3:38: What if Rammstein, but somehow weirder?
3:50: It’s amazing how they get that sound without amps, cords, or electricity.
4:02: Yes, credits are good. Give us all the names, addresses, and personal information. The world must know who to blame.

Mind Driller’s album Zirkus is out now via Red Mutante Records.

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