Rise Of The Northstar – Here Comes The Boom: A Video Breakdown


Boom boom boom
Rise Of The Northstar wants you in their room
You’ll spend the night together
From now until forever

Do you like French crossover/thrash/hardcore/hip hop? Of course. Who doesn’t? Everyone is bumping that sort of thing. That’s all the radio plays these days. The last Kidz Bop album was nothing but that. Fair enough. How about some French crossover/thrash/hardcore/hip hop that is also obsessed with Japanese culture? Rise Of The Northstar have got you covered.

Their name is reference to the manga Fist Of The North Star. They reference it in songs and album art. Even their pseudonyms reference anime (I think, I’m thankfully not well-versed in this stuff). At least they don’t dress up like samurais in their new music video. That’s a plus. A small plus.


POD looks…different.


Everyone is moving like their coveralls were slathered in hot sauce, Bengay, and fire ants.


Rise Of The Restless Arm Syndrome.


Nice of the strip mall karate studio to loan them white belts.


When you’re really into Suicidal Tendencies, but also need to stop, collaborate, and listen.


If they start beating each other with anime body pillows all will be forgiven.


His power level is over 9. Just 9.


I’m half-expecting the Kool-Aid Man to burst through the wall at any second.


Which version of Subzero or Scorpion is this?


“I love the smell of weeb in the morning!”


Rise Of The Northstar’s single is available on Spotify via Nuclear Blast and Repression Records.

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