Riff Of The Week: Top Riff ov 2018 Edition


Which will you crown as the #1 riff from 2018?

Before we commence The Riffening© let’s see who won last week’s Time Edition.  And as many predicted, the dragon fuckers were out in force to support their beloved Blind Guardian. Time to regale your quaint hamlet with tales of epic battle and chug a nice warm goblet of wizard jizz.

This week we asked for your favourite riffs released in 2018.
Thought we’d get about 15 more entries, I’m sure the wimps/posers among us will post them in the comments instead of actually submitting.
[extremely Luigi voice] HHEREH WE GOH

Alkaloid – ‘Kernel Panic’ (Riff @ 1:47)

Fact: the EUAGH makes it 10x better.

Brock Samson
Woundvac – ‘Crux’ (Riff @ 14:32)

First time I saw Woundvac live, I had no idea who they were. They were just the opening act for Sex Prisoner and I did not have high expectations. I was wrong to feel this way. Very, very wrong. They brought the whole friggin place down and turned me into an instant fan with their blend of grind, hardcore, and thrashiness. There album from 2018 is best explained in one way; RIFFS ON RIFFS ON RIFFS. I have seriously almost crashed my car while head banging to this album. Start at 14:32 and prepare to go hard. See you all in the New Year.

Orphans of Doom – ‘Harvest’ (Riff @ 3:41)

Great band from KC that I first saw/heard back in August and haven’t stopped listening to since. This is one of my most played albums of the year and this riff always gets the head nodding. Which only leaves 2 things to say:

To the Forest of Goats: dooooooooooom baby!
To the McNulty of Jimmies: sorry mate

Slugdge – ‘Crop Killer’ (Riff at 0:00)


Burial Invocation – ‘Abiogenesis’ (Riff @ 9:15)

The middle passage from ~6:30 onwards in this track rules all.

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