First Listen: BAIT – “Inner War”


Listen to the premier of “Inner War”, a sprawling 8-and-a-half minute taste of Sunburst, the latest record from blackened hardcore unit Bait.

Blackened hardcore, the meshing of two distinct genres that literally no one asked for, has produced some interesting and varied results. From the blistering speed and ignorance of Young and In the Way to the noisy chaos of Dendritic Arbor, fast and abrasive has been the most common precedent for this nascent genre. By comparison, Würzburg, Germany’s own Bait offers a distinctly slower, arboreal take on blackened hardcore.

Throughout Sunburst‘s five tracks, you’ll hear familiar touchpoints of furious evil-kid hardcore similar to Cursed or Oathbreaker. On “Inner War”, the band carves through distorted brambles leading to a meandering post rock passageway. This mid-point on Sunburst will undoubtedly appeal to fans of The Clearing Path.

Sunburst is out June 6th on WOOAAARGH Records. Pre-order it here and follow Bait on Facebook.


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