Premiere: Close the Hatch“Attunement”


Ohio’s very own atmospheric metal an’ assorted vibrations o’ doom outfit Close the Hatch are dropping an album by the name of Modern Witchcraft through Red Moth Records, but before they do, we’ve got an appetizer for you to sample in the form of “Attunement”. A-tune-in to find out what’s what and who’s Philip Larkin.

I cannot say that I would have been familiar with Close the Hatch before, despite their their sizable efforts throughout the entire last decade. But there’s a hole in my heart, that’s even more sizable, and it’s reserved for all things doom, and another about as big, for post-metal of similar stature, so naturally I was eager to jump on them when the chance came.

The promo letter would have me believe the band strides confidently in the footsteps of Neurosis and Isis, and while there may be some truth to that album-wise, as there is to the bit about independence from strict classification, those are not the sounds “Attunement” is about.

Though “Attunement” may bear the hallmarks of classic post-metal songwriting – the heavy/light dichotomy, emotional vocal stylings and a driving rhythm beneath bleak, doomy riffs intertwined with just a bit of melody, but the opening riff draws more comparisons to a twisted version of Deftones. It does not much help that vocalist/guitarist Steve of house B.’s vocals on the chorus resemble a distorted Chino Moreno doing a Chritus Lindersson impersonation. Help being a misleading expression, as the impression is one of Close the Hatch’s strongest weapons, and quite easily sets them apart from their immediate peers.

Have a listen above, and drop a line below, letting us and everyone know what you think.

Modern Witchcraft was produced by the band with Micah Carli (Hawthorne Heights), engineered by Carli and guitarist Shaun O, and mixed and mastered by Carli with cover art by Matthew Mills. It is to be released through Red Moth Records on May 22nd 2020. Check out the bands Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as well as their Bandcamp, naturally.

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