Axeslasher Decapitates Proud Boys with “Night of the Shears”


Axeslasher have returned to bless your Halloween with a brand new track.

Things aren’t going too hot for the Proud Boys. In addition to being unfuckable losers that took a pledge not to masturbate, their brain’s supply of oxygen slowly being cut off by an abundance of rancid jizz, they’re being kicked off social media platforms and (begrudgingly) prosecuted by the NYPD for mob assault. Also, Axeslasher is going to murder them.

With their brand new track “Night of the Shears”, Professor Pizza and crew return to unleash grisly torment on Gavin McInnes’ own lil brownshirts club. The thrash specter himself had this to say about the new song:

“This one goes out to all the lost young men in stuck in that time in their lives when no one wants to fuck them or pay them. Everyone goes through that phase, but this song is about those that find comfort in the all too welcoming arms of fascists, white nationalists, and bootlicking chavanistic men’s fraternities. These groups tried to infiltrate heavy music so many times its not even funny. We kicked their asses in the 80s, and now we’re setting Mr. Scissors loose on them for a ‘Night of the Shears’”

Featuring ripping solos from Lord Guillotine and Dr. Grind, “Night of the Shears” is a shredding thrash number that will surely lop your damn top off with a pair of rusty garden pruners. Patrick Bruss (Crypticus) handled mixing and mastering duties, ensuring the whole thing sounds as pristinely metal as humanly possible. Press play now and thrash your Halloween away.

Download “Night of the Shears” right here and then go follow the band on Twitter.

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