Do You Want this Scream Bloody Gore Bobblehead or Nah?


Important questions.

Relapse is at it again with siqqq reissue packages of another classic record in Death‘s discography. This time around, it’s Scream Blood Gore. To sate your thirst for limited edition Death merch, go ahead an look at everything Relapse has to offer here. Do it. I won’t judge you.

If you will notice, in addition to the luxurious vinyl packages and silly all-over print t-shirts we’ve come to expect from Relapse, there is now a limited edition Death bobblehead you can purchase. This presents a new question: Do I wanna buy this, or nah?

It might be cool to own these lil’ drinky skeletons. On the other hand, maybe we don’t need to add this to our ever-growing collection of junk. But maybe we need it? Let’s create a pros & cons list.

1. Bobblehead giveaway night is one of the few things that can make a bad baseball game better.
2. These bobbleheads are limited edition, hand numbered from 1 to 1000. Maybe your purchase will appreciate in value.
3. It features Ed Repka’s classic artwork.

1. Bobblehead giveaways are free. These are $29.99.
2. If it does appreciate in value, you shouldn’t take it out of the box and play with it.
3. It features Ed Repka’s classic artwork. Kinda.


Close enough

Close enough


Do you want this bobblehead or nah? That answer is up to you. And maybe your CPA.

h/t Iron Lawnmower

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