Absolute Contempt and Cloud Rat Want You to Support the Kittehs


Back in January, I reported that our friend Daniel Z’s grind label Absolute Contempt Records was hosting a fundraiser to help a cat rescue effort in Egypt. Absolute Contempt is upping the ante with a new effort to benefit two cat rescues in Peru. Thankfully, the label is busting out the big guns to help those kitties in the form of eminent grinders Cloud Rat’s full discography.

Absolute Contempt made the announcement of the rescue effort and distribution of the Clout Rat discography via Facebook.

So how much will that excellent Cloud Rat discography run you? Just $7 for a digital copy or $12 for a limited edition CD. That’s stupid cheap. You’d have to be crazy not to want to buy 77 tracks from one of the most heartfelt bands in grind for that price.

If your heart is still made of stone, perhaps the enticing offer of ALL of Absolute Contempt’s releases for just $12.85 will move you. For that low low price, you’ll get releases from:

So what are you waiting for? Open your wallet! Let’s rescue some kittens.

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