PREMIERE: Season of Arrows – “Evening Lord”


Sweaty doom from Nashville to your ears. Check out this premiere of “Evening Lord” from Season of Arrows.

I’m not entirely sure which season the Season of Arrows is, but if the sweltering heat of Give it to the Mountain is any indication, it’s smack dab in the middle of Summer. After a delay and a label change, Nashville doom band Season of Arrows are finally set to release their latest record Give it to the Mountain on Argonauta Records. The band describe themselves as a mix between Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane, though to these ears they sound far dirtier than either. Imagine Windhand but with more of a sense of immediacy and crunchier guitar tone. Y’know, better. “Evening Lord” is all slow, humid riffs, rumbling low-end, and mournful clean vocals. Check it out below.

Give it to the Mountain drops March 24th on Argonauta Records. Preorder it here, then follow Season of Arrows on Facebook and tell ’em, “Howdy friend”.

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