Toilet Radio 304 – An Embarrassment of Embarrassments


We’re following up with some of the best and brightest in metal on this show. Clown of Slipknot finally broke his legendary silence on the issue: he WILL get the COVID vaccine! Jon Schaffer turned fed and was also a founding member of the Oath Keepers?! So, uh, be on the lookout for washed up metal guitarists on a rampage near you. KOTTAK ATTACK. Tommy Vext is on tour in Texas selling reliquary CBD to hot dog necked security guards. Ol Nugey got ‘rona, a nation celebrates. Aaron Lewis wrote a new song and it sucks. IT FUCKING SUCKS GODDAMN IT’S SO FUCKING STUPID. SHIT!!!!!! Emperor played a Very Special livestream with former member Faust. Always good to see old friends getting back together *touching ear piece* oh. Deicide is playing sold-out shows in Florida to upwards of 40 dudes. Finally, ol Tim Lambesis is putting on very special motivational seminars and goddamn man. Just fuck. It’s an episode.

Music featured on this show:
Ship of Theseus

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