Flush it Friday: A Sexy New Look is on the Way


Fellas, it’s Friday afternoon. The time for workin’ is ending and the time for shitpostin’ is nigh. Get in here and waste the rest of your day.

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time around this place, you’ve probably seen me frantically hawking Toilet ov Hell t-shirts like a desperate and pathetic man. Many of you have taken pity on me by purchasing one of those fine rags, thus allowing us to take the next step in metal blog game domination. Contrary to popular rumor, proceeds from shirt sales have not gone to fattening me and Franklin the pug with fine meats and beers. Instead, I spent the shirt cash on something we can all enjoy: a complete and total site redesign from a very talented and skilled designer (hi Erin!).

Sometime tonight/tomorrow you’ll come back here and see that this old trash heap has got a full-on makeover. It’ll be shocking. It’ll be sexy. It’ll be extremely functional. I’m wicked stoked about it and I hope you are as well. Big things are afoot. Thank you for being with us here to experience them.

This is your open swim for the week. Thank you for your continued support of this e-privy. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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