Video Premiere: Titan Rage – Terrorizer


It’s time to rage.

Like the Titans imprisoned beneath Tartarus, so too does Titan Rage strive to break free with their aggressive brand of metalcore. Terrorizer has enough chugs to make competitive food-eater Eric “Badlands” Booker jealous and so much double bass that you could grate cheese on your calves. With touches of deathcore and thrash, the song could fit snugly in the 00’s glory days of the genre. Now with a brand-new, visually-appealing video, the band has officially put out more Terrorizer-related content this year than Terrorizer magazine.

Bassist Michael Redhorse says:

This single and video is the culmination of a lot of hard work and some new ground for us as individuals. I recorded the whole band at our studio in Livermore, did all the pre-pro demo work myself and I’m so proud. Alex Estrada of ‘Pale Moon Ranch’ mixed and mastered the track and gave it this Nu-Metal/Deathcore kinda tone. I think it works, definitely stands out.

The song is huge sounding and we knew that it needed a video to match this tone, so the night after playing a show with Allegaeon and Arkaik, we shot the video and hope it’s well received.

You heard Michael. Receive it well in all its neon glory.



The track is now available on Bandcamp. Make sure to Like/Follow Titan Rage on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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