Flush It Friday: Xmas, Etc, Etc


We’re closing up shop early due to xmas-related nonsense. Waste the rest of your day in here with a selection of articles that bring the war on xmas.

Ages ago, there was a mysterious editor that would compose dungeon synth and write highly entertaining posts for the Toilet ov Hell. One day he simply disappeared. No one knows what happened to that strange, caped man, but some of his arcane writings live on in the hallows of this noble commode. As we enter the infernal holiday of xmas, it felt appropriate to revisit the Masterlord’s early work in launching a comprehensive ground offensive against Santa and Bill O’Reilly. We miss you, Masterlord.

Grandma got blasted in the face by a Panzerfaust: Combating Christmas music No. 1

All I want for Christmas is TRVE: Combating Christmas music No. 2

Bvrning down the Christmas tree: Combating Christmas music, No. 3

It’s Kvlt Outside: Combating Christmas Music No. 4

Thank you for your continued support of this Toilet ov Hell. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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