Since it’s the time of year to toss out thanks like they are that color-ambiguous jello dessert your great aunt made, we wanted to ask: what are you thankful for? Before you come back with the obvious normal things like family, friends, barrel aged stouts, or the last few months of freedom under the current regime, there’s one more stipulation.

Here at the Toilet, our mission is to make sure you have an endless supply of good music to keep your ears constantly entertained. I’d like to think we are succeeding beyond reasonable expectations, but let us know for sure. What albums, recommended at some point in our 3+ years of existence, are you thankful we wrote about?

Dig deep into your libraries and find some of your favorite Toilet recommendations that you think the author would be surprised you’re still listening to. Sure, we all comment when we enjoy a post, but what albums are you constantly revisiting? Pick a few and let us know who was responsible!

Joaquin Stick

I don’t even think I’d have a music library to look through if it weren’t for my fellow authors and frequent commenters, but here are some of the odd ones that have stuck with me. I’d like to thank:

Richter: 1476 & The DRX
ToH Radio (Joe/365): Fucked Up & Nathan Gray Collective
Lacertilian: Dormant Ordeal
RT: Judicator
Mosh: Black Peaks
W: Sarcoptes
Stockhausen: Grey Aura
Spear: Hallowed Catharsis
Jason Kolkey: Darkest Hour
Ron Deuce: Svalbard
Dagon: Eidola
Boss: Sergeant Thunderhoof
Molenaar: Bosse-de-Nage

Richter, the formerly armless, recently armed, and soon to be re-disarmed:

Thanks be to Edward for randomly linking to Crowhurst in the comments one day–and for never shutting up about Psalm Zero.
Thanks to Lacertilian for taking me down a peg or two with Barghest.
Thanks to W for all the Vampillia in my life.

Lacertilian, the long-tailed wizard:

Masterlord: Nocternity, and the entire genre of Dungeon Synth. Fucken dork.
Dubs: Gutter Instinct.
Joe: That goddamn Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge split.
McNulty: Heaps of stuff but Black Fast is the first to come to mind.
Richter: Thanks for passing on your highly contagious Virus, you fuck.
Beargod: You Finnish Hæthen.
Dagon: The Fishgod brought us some Saturndust once upon a time.

The Nordling Rights of Manbearpig

Stockhausen: Thantifaxath
HessianHunter: Humanfly & Helms Alee
Jimmy McNulty: Black Fast
Edward: Herukrat, Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries, Auditor

Hans, the Moleman, Muller

Richter: Rope Sect, Maggot Heart & Psalm Zero
Randall Thor: Angel Sword
Boss the Ross: Night Demon (I’d heard the debut but was still on the fence until he reviewed Darkness Remains.) & Dunsmuir
Old Man Doom: Viscera/// (Discovery of the year for me.)
Dubya: Semtex Vest
Rusty: Flesh of the Stars

And probably loads more.

Joe, the Joe, Joe

Big Ed turned me on to A Pregnant Light, the dude is pretentious af but his music is fantastic (APL, not Edward).
Lacertilian got me hip to a number of rad bands, but my fav is def EXPANDER
Leif Bearikson made me listen to Blood Incantation which was, overall, a good thing to do.

Jimmy Two Times McNulty

Lacertilian: Execration, Tempel, VI
Spear: Hallowed Catharsis, Beneath
Randall Thor: Lor
W: False, Venenum (shared with Lacertilian), Sarcoptes
Richter – Succumb, Five Finger Death Punch
Joe – Stone Healer

My entire BC collection consists of bands that the site has showcased.

What about the rest of you?

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