Flush it Friday: Between the Malleus and the Incus


Don’t tell slam dorks, but there is actually a bone in your ear known as the ‘hammer’. The malleus is an ossicle (OSDM bands, why haven’t you mined this ‘oss’-prefix yet?), one of three in human ears that send vibrations along to the eardrum. Without your incus (‘anvil’) and stapes (‘stirrup’), you’d never feel the warm, farting caress of a fretless bass, and brie would only ever be a cheese. Don’t be a dinkus—respect your incus. How, you ask? Check out these ossicle-approved articles!

Megachiles showed us to cheap thrills with this Penny Coffin premiere:

Track Premiere: Penny Coffin – “Ballistic”

Sepulcrustacean plucked off the cobwebs and offloaded the goods from the ossuary in Catacomb Ventures:

Sepulcrustacean Returns: Catacomb Ventures

A Spooky Mansion turned on the Smoulder with this review:

Review: Smoulder – Violent Creed Of Vengeance

IGoM made the Irreversible choice to write about BC Friday:

100% Support: Bandcamp Friday Goes Local

I showed you my BC Friday haul (along with my G/B/Us)
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