Flush It For a Cowboy: Vinyl Edish


Friends, I hope you accept my deepest apologies for taking a break in the Vinyl VVednesday series. I literally am very sorry for doing that to y’all. Life throws the occasional curve ball, interests change over time, but also I feel completely beat down every time I turn on the news. To call current events “depressing” is an under-statement. So I take comfort in two things guaranteed to make me happy: records and cats. This recent find put a smile on my face in an otherwise frowny time period.

GOOD: whilst perusing a local record shop’s Instagram page, I happened to stumble upon a post showing a bunch of new metal releases for sale… including this old gem, Job for a Cowboy‘s 2012 release Demonocracy. Without really inspecting the package, I just brought it home, removed the plastic, and was floored to find out that for the cost of a typical metal LP — perhaps a few bucks cheaper — it includes their debut EP Doom from 2005 and their excellent EP Gloom from 2011! Demonocracy holds up surprisingly well! Yes, even after burrowing deep in the underground metal scene for the past six years on this blog, a few of the old [pleb?] classics haven’t lost their charm.

BAD: The Doom EP isn’t that good. It’s understandable, they were fledgling death metallers back then. IMHO the band just kept getting better with each new release (up to and including the Jack Bauer-approved Sun Eater). Having said that, it’s great piece of history to own, something I would not have paid for were it for sale individually.

UGLY: The artwork. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a label includes a poster with an LP (especially considering the higher cost of vinyl releases), I just won’t be hanging this one up anywhere where visitors will be seeing it.

(I was kinda impressed to see all of their material available on BandCamp.) So that was my Thursday night! Now it’s back to the abysmal reality of life. Care to share your good, bad, and ugly with the rest of the class? In the meantime, here’s what you may have missed:

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Heck, it was simply a great week here on the toilet. I would have included every article if I wasn’t afraid of being kicked out of the authors pool.


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