Flush it Friday: DO THE COCKROACH MOSH!!!!!!


It is Friday. Instead of going out and crowdkilling like a mook, allow me to offer an alternative: perhaps do the cockroach mosh?

Are you tired of going into the pit day in and day out just to catch an elbow to the side of the ear? Has a sweaty fat guy ever ruptured seven of your vertebrae by crowdsurfing on your neck? Are you sick of dealing with cerebral hemorrhage due to out of control crowdkilling? There’s just got to be a better way.

Thankfully, Japanese brutal death metal band Viscera Infest have a solution for your unsatisfying moshing misadventures. If you’ve had enough of catching hamsandwich fists from camo-short’ed assholes and you wanna bring a little fun into a super srs pit, skip to 22:59 in the video below. Together, we can do the cockroach mosh.

It’s Friday and the floor is yours, so use it to lie on your back and kick your arms and legs in the air like a dying insect. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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