Flush It Friday: Big Swangaz and Vogues


Welcome back to the greatest part of the week: Friday afternoon. It’s the longest possible time before more work! Let’s ride this thing out together.

Statistically speaking, most people do not live in Houston, Texas, so let me share a taste of 3rd Coast culture with y’all: The SLAB. What is a SLAB? SLAB stands for Slow, Low, And Bangin’. It’s a term used a vehicle that’s been customized for maximum dopeness. Picture an older car that’s been lowered, has a candy paint job, big ass subwoofers, deeply tinted windows, and fly rims. The rims are essential, and in the South the most coveted rims are called swangers (or elbows, or pokes). You can read more about swangers here (it’s an interesting read). These distinctly pointy rims have been immortalized in the chorus of one of my favorite 3rd Coast rap tracks “N Luv Wit My Money”:


BAD: Anyway, some fucking butthole with swangas on his ride slammed into my parked car the other night and fled the scene. S/he later abandoned his/her completely destroyed SLAB and the car owner is claiming the vehicle was stolen when the crash happened. If the car was truly stolen, I am utterly boned insurance-wise. Hooray public transportation!

GOOD: In two weeks you can find me in San Diego hanging out with Pumpkin Baby and boy-wonder Christian Molenaar. If you’re in the neighborhood come hang out at the Maeth show! Peep the dates and see these dudes in a hood near you.

Maeth TourUGLY: Probably Pumpkin Baby IRL (j/k – he looks all handsome).


You know the deal. Share your grief below and follow it up with a good vibe. We’re all in this together.

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