Suicide Silence – probably not neo-nazis


This is an unfortunate mix up.

Suicide Silence have undergone a few transitions in their 15 years of existence. From their humble beginnings as a side-project to MySpace superstardom, from Mitch Lucker on vocals to Eddie Hermida, from deathcore to nu metal, Suicide Silence is no stranger to bold new changes. Perhaps none of these changes are quite as unexpected as the one marked by their latest shirt design, which appears to be a nod to satanist nazi dorks.

Do you see that modified septagram? Y’know, the pointy star thing beneath the band’s logo and the winged demon guy? That’s the main symbol used by the Order of Nine Angles. You might be asking the same question that Suicide Silence is asking the dingus they hired to design that t-shirt, “What is the Order of Nine Angles?” I’m glad you asked.

The ONA is an esoteric satanist group with strong social Darwinist and neo-Nazi convictions. The group divides history into Aeons, with each one indicating a different period of a dominant human civilization. According to the group, we’re nearing the end of the “Western” Aeon and soon we will enter the sixth Aeon, “the Aeon of Fire, which will be represented by the Galactic civilization in which an Aryan society shall colonize the Milky Way galaxy.” In addition to an assortment of silly rituals and spells and other such nonsense, the ONA is steadfast in their denial of the holocaust and praise for Hitler.

The Order of Nine Angles was founded in the 80s by a British neo-Nazi named David Myatt under his pseudonym “Anton Long”. David Myatt has spent most of his life deeply involved in hate groups like Combat 18, Column 88, the National Socialist Movement, and the National Democratic Freedom Movement. In 1998 David Copeland, the London Nail Bomber, was inspired to murder immigrants and minorities by his membership in Myatt’s National Socialist Movement and his pamphlets like A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution. In recent decades, Myatt converted to Islam under the name “Abdul Aziz Ibn Myatt” so that he could incite further terrorism. Real piece of work, that guy.

Suffice to say, The ONA’s combination of satan, mysticism, and Nazis is catnip for black metal edgelords. Dozens of no-name NSBM bands have claimed affiliation with the group and several larger bands like Aosoth have cribbed direct lyrical influence from it. So how did a mainstream deathcore/nu metal band like Suicide Silence end up using ONA insignia on their shirt design? Like most mistakes, it’s probably more accurate to blame laziness rather than malice. I’m assuming that their designer grabbed a cool satanic logo from the internet and slapped it on the shirt. As a result, Suicide Silence now have a shirt that appears to endorse nazism obscured by arcane magick bullshit. It’s a pretty far cry from this:

If it makes the dudes in Suicide Silence feel any better, I’m sure it’s far more embarrassing for the handful of nazi dorks that take The ONA seriously to see a deathcore band adopt their silly logo than it is for Suicide Silence to appear sketchy for a brief moment.

If you’re the kinda weirdo that collects NSBM merch or baffling printing errors, you can purchase this hilarious mistake of a Suicide Silence shirt here before they inevitably take it down.

h/t Roman!

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