Review: Biollante – J’Espère Que Tu Danseras Quelque Part


These French people are dropping les barres.

Biollante is a collaborative effort between the very-highly recommended experimental extreme metal collective Non Serviam and Gobscrew, coming together in a sort of dark glitch trap with a lot of metal tinge to it. If you liked Non Serviam’s work before you’ll see plenty of their sound in here, but Biollante is an entirely new sound from these folks, and a rather interesting one at that.

The glitchier aspects are pretty cool, like in the opening track “Trigger Warning,” and at times the project has similar aesthetics to a lot of those curated by one of my favorite Japanese record labels, Virgin Babylon. That sort of hard-to-categorize amalgamation of various genres.

Track 3 came about after a member was arrested taking part in antifascist action, and the rest of the songs have a similarly socially conscious intent to them, one which those of you who speak French will have a much easier time parsing than me. Those of you familiar with Non Serviam probably won’t be surprised by this as the band is very overtly politically active and conscious, pushing antifascist and anarchist ideals.

Probably unsurprisingly “ビオランテ 花獣形態” is the track that offers the most familiar ground for me, being the most similar to that Virgin Babylon sound, reminding me a lot of Laxenanchaos, and is followed by the epic-length 20 minute banger “Pourquoi Pas,” a track that is very heavy on the trap beats and with the most obvious metal influences. If you like noise and glitch hardcore this track should also be up your alley. I’m not familiar with Gobscrew, though I’m definitely going to be checking them out, but this sort of hard to tack down mash of genre and style is very par for the course in what I’ve come to expect from Non Serviam and this is a welcome addition of a side project from them. Definitely check out if you’re a fan of heavy trap/hip hop groups like ho99o9.

I’m currently ill while writing this so I’m fighting with brain fog in trying to pull out more to say, but the project is extremely fresh and interesting and experimental where it counts. I dug it a lot, and still dig it after a few listens. If you dug it, check out their bandcamp. It’s available digitally as well as physically through Trepanation Recordings.

4/5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell

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