Flush it Friday: Black Metal Ist Seltsam


Ok, so you know it’s BC Friday. Did you also know you can support the Trevor Project and other LGBTQ charities AND get some sweet, sweet black metal (a lot of it….130 tracks!) in the process? As a bonus, BM chuds the world over are surely clutching their pearls Iberian maces in agitation at the mere thought of such an endeavor. The compilation is called Black Metal Rainbows and includes a wealth of TovH mainstays (maybe even a li’l Sacred Saction) for your listening pleasure. Don’t be a dangus; it’s NYP. You know what to do.

Spear banished us to the Ninth Realm with this Balroggin’ premiere:

Album Premiere: Ninth Realm – A Fate Unbroken

Beavis Christ lamented the late-stage capitalist nightmare we inhabit with this Mother Anxiety premiere:

Track Premiere: Mother Anxiety – “Victims of Capital”

365 prescribed an X-tra large heap of depression with this Estrangement premiere:

Track Premiere: Estrangement – Detritivore

Eenzaamheid talked with the folks in Hubris Cannon about music I guess, but mostly about Magic: The Gathering:

Interview: Hubris Cannon

What did yinz pick up for BC Friyay? Let me know along with your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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