The Singularoldy is coming. Freed (momentarily) from the working world, I have decided to become a web developer. I’ve already had a Google-brand nano-bot army injected directly into my neocortex; I can feel them as I write this. My eyes are nothing but RGB nodes. My voice is Microsoft Sam. A Python IDE runs in my skull, compiling code overnight. I’ve deleted everything besides mathcore and Meshuggah from my memory banks. Wait—I’m getting visual artifacts. My TPU (Toilet Processing Unit) must be overheating from all of this HOT, HOT #CONTENT.

EndRot got us hawtt with his sizzling Furnace review. Say hello to our newest contributor (or else!):

Review: Furnace – Dark Vistas

A Spooky Mansion donned his deerstalker cap and investigated Spellbook‘s newest rekkid:

Review: Spellbook – Magick & Mischief

The Toilet Boiz began this year’s Halloween Spooktacular on Toilet Radio (ft. Ross Sewage):

Toilet Radio 268 – Frankenstein’s Army w/ Doktor Ross Sewage

I put an end to years of procrastination with the first half of Cormorant‘s Porcelain Throne:

The Porcelain Throne – Cormorant (Or: Creatures of Other Mould, Part 1)

Any of y’all do web dev or know Python / Java / etc? If you know of any reputable free courses, let me know in the comments (along with your G/B/Us, goofus).

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