Sunflower Dead – Dance With Death: A Video Breakdown


Can I cut in?

I enjoy a good gimmick in music. Whether it’s masks, face paint, costumes or a flamethrower mask, I find it adds a little bit of theatrics to a performance. Some may say that the musicianship should be all you need when seeing a live band. I’ve seen Dream Theater live. That is a lie. A dirty, dirty lie. Talented musicians, no question, but I’ve seen plays more exciting. Honest to god, plays! Of course, not all gimmicks work. Half-assing a gimmick can lead to instant dismissal of potential fans.

Sunflower Dead is a band from Long Beach, California with a confusing name and an even more confusing gimmick. Take a look at this band photo of them to see what I mean. What’s their theme or angle? Guys who watched The Crow and The Warriors too much as children? Fetishists who host swinger parties in the back of a bakery? Maybe their new video for their song “Dance With Death” will have some answers.


0:05: I get it now. They’re Joker cosplayers.
0:14: And there’s the comic book to confirm it.
0:15: Hey, the vocalist for Neurotic November is in Sunflower Dead too.
0:20: Chlamydia of the eyes is no laughing matter.
0:21: Man, everyone is going as Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Joker this Halloween.
0:25: That’s definitely the “I made a boom-boom in my pants” look.
0:27: Oh, they must mean Philadelphia.
0:34: You better believe that’s an accordion.
0:37: Steampunk Joker better watch out for those computer flames. He’s about to get his buns digitally toasted.
0:38: Men’s Rights Activist Joker.
0:42: They are really really proud of that guy’s grill.
0:49: Ill Nino Joker.
0:53: Pinface just isn’t trying anymore.
0:59: I hope he lights that accordion on fire during their live set.
1:04: Skeletor is getting grabby all of a sudden.
1:07: Joey Belladonna cameo.
1:15: I think he wears the hat to draw attention away from the 2001-era Hot Topic bondage shirt.
1:23: Looks like you popped your stitches, dude.
1:27: I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time trusting a super hero that looked like a sun-deprived Alan Cumming.
1:33: Ka-Pow is nothing compared to “WANK”.
1:41: So are you supposed to mosh to this or do some wacky grandpa dance?
1:46: Wacky grandpas are an untapped market for metal.
1:51: Excluding Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling of course.
1:57: Now is as good a time as any to mention that Masters Of Horror: Dance Of The Dead totally sucked.
2:05: So how would a dance with Death work? I assume Death would lead.
2:08: I’ll bet he wants to share the load too.
2:12: Weepy Alan Cumming Man with the sick burn.
2:18: Anyone else think he’s a little too psyched to be dancing with death? Dude is all smiles.
2:30: Unnecessary tongue.
2:37: I wonder how many spiders this guy accidentally eats when he’s a sleep.
2:40: See, this is why people are afraid of clowns.
2:48: A fight between Sunflower Dead involves a lot of slapping and crying.
2:58: It’s Philadelphia, so no one notices the difference.
3:03: Missed opportunity for an accordion solo.
3:12: That’s Mr. Sunflower Dead to you!
3:25:Yup. That sure is a left hand. Thanks for focusing on it so much.
3:29: And that price is 99 cents.
3:40: Sunflower Dead in “The Passable Milenko”.

Sunflower Dead’s new album It’s Time To Get Weird will be released on October 30. I don’t think they’re on a label, which I find legitimately surprising. There’s always a market out there for this type of music. Do it for the wacky grandpas.

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