Flush it Friday: Destroying My House to Own the Libs


Greetings friend, and welcome to Friday afternoon.

Welp. Due to some shoddy sealing in the bathroom I done messed up my house. Got a bunch of mold and water in my walls and under my floors. I’m gonna go deal with that mess. In the meantime, you should enjoy the greatest hits of the week.

There’s a trailer for Lords of Chaos and it is… huh, wow.

Lords Of Chaos – Official Trailer: A Video Breakdown

Snooty McWords dropped by to drop some thoughts around mental wellness.

Even Good Boys Feel Bad, Part 1

The guy from Iced Earth has some strange ideas about his political affiliations.

Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Has No Idea What An Anarchist Is

I snitched out another scummy pay-for-coverage site.

Here’s how much band coverage costs at Alternative Nation

Toilet Radio was hijacked for power metal purposes! The horror!

Toilet Radio 163: Nina Interviews Tobias Sammet of Edguy and Avantasia!

And then there’s this butthole.

Craig Pillard: Still Doing Nazi Shit

Alright, be good everyone. And hit me up if you wanna help me lay new linoleum.

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