Flush it Friday: Millipedes H*qqin’ RAWK


Sup nerds, I saw a millipede today that secretes cyanide. I’m glad my partner convinced me not to touch it, as according to a park ranger/entomologist, it probably has enough poison in its body to kill an adult human (or owl). Anyways, this is late but I hope you’ll G/B/U today or over the weekend! With love from Oregon, this is Roldy bringing you Hot Bowl Content.

Beavis Christ tekk’d out with his Mech out with this Stormland premiere:

Lyric Video Premiere: Stormland — “Test Subject”

A Spear, a premiere, and you can bet Altars never falters:

Premiere: Altars – Ascetic Reflection

Riff Raff is seeing stars, wormholes, and things with stronger gravitational pulls than Nergal’s 7head:

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.61] The Truth is We Out Here

Low calorie. High brutality. These are Minis:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (7/7/22)

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