Toilet Radio 228 – Honkin’ on NoJoe


Man. We did a lotta shit on this show. Let me try to offer a summary: What the fuck is a Joe Rogan? / KMFDM and Ministry? Whole asses getting exposed / KOTTAK ATTACK / A look at the Libertarian primary headliner / 2000s teen comedies were fuckin’ awful / Aerosmith kicked Joey Kramer out of the band so we’re pretending to be Eddie Trunk and getting OUTRAGED about it lol / Breno memorializes Sean Reinert after his extremely unexpected passing / Ozzy has Parkinson’s and all the metal legends exiting the scene / How in the world does Blabbermouth make money? / Finally, a dramatic reading from Sacramentum. It’s a good one, folks.

Music featured on this show:
Ruin Lust – “Prison of Sentient Horror” from Choir of Babel

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