Flush It Friday: Katamari Danemacy


My gaming selection is limited by pretty mediocre hardware, meaning I’m usually playing indie stuff or older titles. I was therefore happy to learn that one of my favorite early 2000s games, Katamari Damacy, had received a remake quite a while ago that is available on Steam.

If you’re unfamiliar with this highly entertaining franchise, here’s the gist: a Katamari is a ball that rolls up anything and grows as it does so. That’s pretty much it. Gameplay hits a sweet spot between relaxing and challenging as you roll the Katamari through conveniently cluttered levels where you work your way up the size scale from stuff like pins, cutlery, and hamsters until you’re big enough to roll up people, then houses, then entire continents. It’s absolutely ridiculous and the soundtrack slaps.

The remake Katamari Damacy Reroll brought the game to the PC for the first time (afaik), graphically enhanced but otherwise utterly faithful to the original, which is great to see in this time of shitty ports and awful remakes. On the other hand, the faithfulness extends so far that not a single quality of life feature has been implemented, and the price tag is kinda steep. Guess that’s how you know you’re a gamer—never happy with anything.

Well, happy about something, actually, because the successor We Love Katamari has received a similar treatment and is due to hit Steam (and the Switch) in early June. Can’t wait to nitpick that one!

Know what I never complain about? Excellent Toilet content.

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Which are your favorite balls from the early ’00s? Let us know in the comments along with yer goods, yer bads, yer uglies.

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