Ease into the weekend here.

I picked up a cardboard standing desk to try to relieve my back pain and generally poor posture that I’ve developed by slumping over a laptop for 8+ hours a day over the last few years at my job. In the process, I realized that I needed to pick up a USB keyboard to keep my shoulders down and my neck straight. I found the cheapest mechanical keyboard on Amazon and added it to my cart. Friends, it may be the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’m typing at you right now with the fury of the thunder gods. I’m clicking and clacking away like a man unbound by all laws and social norms. Depressing the keys upon this wonderful instrument imparts a tactile sensation akin to wiping your ass with silk, vulgar yet inarguably luxurious. I am living deliciously. Gaze upon my crapulence and envy.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this week.

Rather than writing our own dumb hot takes, The Lizard realized he could just wrangle all of yours. What does the peanut gallery think about these hot new metal tracks? Let’s find out!

3 Hot New Tracks = 3k Hot Takes

The Toilet Boys questioned the wisdom of Mastodon spending a shit ton of money as a major metal band and wondered if maybe they’d make more dough as a smaller band. Also, LOL Brett Stevens.

Toilet Radio 131: Fight Me, Floyd Rose

365 found my new favorite video.

3.2 – “Powerful Man”: A Video Breakdown

Vlad reported on the finest punk and grind for Q2 of this fiscal year.

Quarterly Roundup (Q2 2018): Punk N’ Grind

Spear delivered the first FLUSH of his career.

Review: Creatures – II

Finally, Crab Nicholson got to sit down for a very thorough and insightful interview with YOB. Check it out.

Transmutation and Rebellion: an Interview with Yob

That’s it for me this week. The floor is now yours.

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