Flush it Friday: Last Day of the Dino


This FiF was going to be about microplastics found coating human alveoli (so cozy!) but instead it is now a cool and fun article about a mf’ing Thescelosaurus leg dating back 66 mya to the day the asteroid hit. Experts are saying very serious scientific things about the find, such as “It’s absolutely bonkers…the ultimate dinosaur drumstick” (Phillip Manning, natural history prof at Manchester) and “this is an impossible fossil” (absolute madlad and Earth champion, David “fuqq u I love animals” Attenborough AAAAAAAAAAAA). Sort of mind-blowing that the same paleontologists found a fish nearby that had swallowed dust from the impact, which occurred 1,864 miles away. The scale (heh…hehehe) is confounding. Anyways, if you haven’t seen this Kurzgesagt on the asteroid impact, watch it, just ridiculous. (I’m almost 100% certain I’ve written about it here, but I don’t care at all. These are my ancestors!) Before we all go extinct, let’s take a moment to be content with this content, shall we?

Megachiles has a crush on Deathcrush, can you tell from this premiere?:

Premiere: Deathcrush – “Under Serpents Reign”

Roldy/Theophrasty got nasty in this Record Swap ft. Hello Meteor and Hamferð:

Record Swap: Rolderathis VS. Theophrastus Bombastus

Carcassbomb is here to save your wallet and your ears. 15 Free Flushes in, still bringing the goods every gawtdang time!:

Free Flush Volume 15

Many Minis for masticating:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (4/8/22)

Heard any cool dino facts recently? Heard any dino absolute bullshid recently? Heard any dino anything recently? Dinos? Dinos. G/B/Us. ~Roldy <3

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