Flush it Friday: Hoot Doogs


It’s Friday. Shitpost into the weekend.

I had a dream. Less a dream, I suppose, than a vision. I found myself driving down a stretch of empty highway, billboards littering the landscape. With the sheer force of psychic will, I began to change my surroundings physically. Mustaches and devil horns were added to stock photo models. Sales pitches were rearranged into admissions of truth. Certain billboards became unpublishably filthy. But then I made a subtle change to a billboard and found myself overcome with joy at my new creation. It was perfect. So I interrupted my own slumber, laughing myself awake. Then shaking the bed with laughter, trying my best to not awaken my sleeping wife. I’ve never been more certain that a dream meant something. What it means, I do not know. Maybe one day a scholar can interpret the symbolism of my vision. Until then, two words guide me through my day. Hoot Doogs.

Anyway, here are the highlights of the week:

We were a little slow publishing Tech Death Thursday this week so if you missed it, get on it right now.

Tech Death Thursday: Blackwater Burial – The Prison of Belief

Sepulcrustacean has another smattering of underground gore that you ought to check out before all the other kids get into them.

Catacomb Ventures: Foulest Depths of August Catacombs

Gary Holt is grifting off some MRA shit.

Gary Holt Is Selling Stupid Shirts Based on a Misogynist Hoax

Finally, a math test that even I can pass.

Review: Freighter – The Den

This week’s show covered a lot of ground but we touched on a topic that is very important in these uncertain times: men’s toes are an abomination.

Toilet Radio 198: Unionize the Entire Music Industry

We gettin’ druuuuuuuuuunk.

Toilet Brews: Let’s Make a Coffee Stout

That’s it for me this week. Be excellent to each other.

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