Riff Of The Week: Goat Edition



Before we get ur goat, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Single From Your Birthyear Edition. Unsurprisingly, a Candlemass appearance meant the doom of the comp.

This week our theme was simply Goat(s).
Here’s what you sent in…

Dead to This World – “Goat Power” (Riff @ 0:16)

No matter who loses, I win.

Midst – “Scapegoat” (Riff @ 0:28)

The riff at 0:00 is pretty sweet but to be fair the riff at 0:28 goes harder. The two riffs actually combine into one around 1:11 but at that point, to continue to be fair, it goes too hard. We never want to go too hard. We just want to go hard enough. Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a–aa-a-a-.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Goatsnake – “Easy Greasy” (Riff @ 2:33)

An all-time riff from some all-time riffers.

Howard Deanzig
Goatsnake – “Hot Rod” (Riff @ 1:25)

1977 and my friend had just joined Black Oak Arkansas. No shit! Shawn Lane. We were sixteen and he was in Black Oak. Wearing yak boots and fur. Anyway, he had just joined them so me and some friends cruised up to Jackson, Tennessee to see him play. I had a brand new Camaro. Got there, did some ‘ludes, got high, had a great time. After the show, Shawn said Jim Dandy had missed his plane, if we could give him a ride to Memphis? Fuck yeah! So halfway there, he sparks up this joint that to this day is the best pot I’ve ever smoked. Homegrown at the Black Oak Arkansas compound. We got so high, and he asked us to pull over to get something to drink. All of sudden we were back on the freeway and none of us could remember even going into the store, like we completely blanked. But we did manage to get him to the airport and I ain’t seen him since. After dropping him off we had to drive back home to Little Rock, which is only about two and a half hours away. I’d stashed half a ‘lude and a half joint way underneath the console. Well, about forty miles outside of Little Rock, I was doing about eighty following a truck when I got hit in the face with a spotlight. Busted! Arkansas state troopers. Star on the car. Bad motherfuckers! I couldn’t believe it, they found the shit. We were so scared. They were being dicks, threatening to beat our ass. Felt like Deliverance or something. They were taking us to jail and I asked the cop a question and he said to the other fat cop, “Biggun, if that boy says one more word, I want you to smack him in the teeth with your billy club.”

The Black Dahlia Murder – ‘Goat of Departure’ (Riff @ 0:14)

This is one of those transition riffs that only happens briefly, but that I wished I got more of. Especially the triplet groove right at the end.

Obliteration – ‘Goat Skull Crown’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Far too hard narrowing down a choice this week so went with gut instinct.

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Next week our theme is Dust.
Be as creative or as literal as you like.
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