Flush it Friday: My First Time at Bandcamp


Like with most events that occurred more than 5 minutes ago, my memory of discovering Bandcamp has been dumped in order to maintain an extensive library of SpongeBob references and embarrassing childhood moments. All I can say is that back in late 2012 I uploaded an EP on the Artist portion and created a Fan account in 2014. My first purchase? Vulfpeck‘s Fugue State EP, which remains a certified B O P to this day. Seriously, listen to “Sky Mall” below and just try to not imagine being in a coked-out sitcom or some such nonsense. What were y’alls first purchases on the platform?

IGoM wandered the surreal landscape of Void‘s Dreams of a Painted World:

Incommensurate Elements: Void’s Dreams of a Painted World

Link Leonhart served up some Aversed, and he was the inverse of averse to it:

Review: Aversed — Impermanent

Richter opened up a wormhole in space-time by submitting another review of another Void in the same week:

(The Unsearchable) Void — The Hollow Man

A Spooky Mansion had a day at the races with The Crown‘s latest:

Review: The Crown – Royal Destroyer

BSG got the scoop on Cytokine’s new single, “Man on Fire”:

Premiere + Interview: Cytokine – Man on Fire

Share some old BC memories if you’d like, along with the oblig G/B/Us!

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