Flush it Friday: Normal Alfred


Being an utter masochist, I subjected myself to the entirety of the first presidential debate last Tuesday night. White supremacist hate-groups were given dap, juvenile name-calling ran rampant, and it presented a real-time view of a struggling democracy to countries around the globe. 2020 has taken nearly everything, including the immortality of Weird Al. That’s right folks, the Keanu Reeves of comedic songwriters was last seen in public as the host of the debate, sporting grey hairs in his characteristic curls.

In this latest hellish trip around our sad sun, it would appear nothing is sacred. At least we have this stygian commode.

Spear with a premiere best described as a slam-Dunkleosteus:

Premiere: Sulphur Sun – “Trilobite Thief”

Joe TnK wants you to ADZES tracks to your collection (and for a good cause to boot!):

ADZES Reimagines Americana Classics for Charity Release

When Karhu went to Turku, chaos did ensue:

No Satan in Turku, No Satan Anywhere

GoatForest has joined the menagerie! Check out his review of these Chernobyl C H U G G S from Cytotoxin:

Review: Cytotoxin – Nuklearth

As you well know, it is once again Bandcamp Friday. Show us the haul in the comments along with your G/B/Us. Or owl be angry.

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